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ZorroSign Digital eSignature Platform Overview

ZorroSign Digital Transaction Management (DTM) increases efficiency and productivity by completely transforming paper intensive processes, from creation to authentication whether the users are internal or external to the Company. The end result of ZorroSign DTM is higher accuracy with fewer errors, improved controls, customer satisfaction resulting from simplified process and a competitive edge.

ZorroSign Digital Transaction Management

Problems with manual or partially digital processes

Intuitive graphical Workflow and Dashboard gives a true
view for each transaction.


Track bottlenecks & delays and improve KPI.

Encrypted signature, documents & data, attack
prevention and data center protected by firewall.


Strict compliance of business rules & regulations.


We cater to four different business process models, iB (Internal Business), B2B, B2C & C2C and each of these users have access to all the features. Our platform helps transform your manual print-sign-scan-send processes with truly digital, fully automated, paper-free, process with bank-grade security. We offer biometrics around electronic signatures, document management, and document DNA based verification and authentication of users, signatures and documents.

ZorroSign DTM’s noteworthy features include:

Generic WorkflowGeneric Workflow
Defines the hierarchical order of the users actioning the document. The users determine the actions they choose to execute on any document.


Document Specific WorkflowDocument Specific Workflow
The users and actions are pre-defined on a specific document.


Organize your documents into folders and subfolders with easy search capability.

Create workflows even when receiving signatory is unknown.


DWF FilesDWF Files
Review & E-Sign architectural drawings including the ability to add comments; 4n6 Token, provides the Inspectors with the latest approved drawings to ensure that the construction is up to code.

Additional Key Features

  • Admin Console to add departments, roles, users and upload logos and eStamps.
  • Integrate with any legacy systems and any other 3rd party mission critical software.
  • Approve & eSign Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, DWF (Design Web Format) files and more.
  • Authenticate the signing party and their signature whether you’re the initiator or recipient.
  • Create a customizable signing process based on your security needs, from password to biometrics.

ZorroSign DTM Advantage

  • ROI is immediate both hard & soft dollar.
  • Assign permissions to 3rd parties to view and validate documents.
  • Public, Hybrid, and Private Cloud configurations and On-Premise deployment.
  • Ensure your documents were not tampered with, revised, revoked or cancelled.
  • Use your existing digital certificate provider and/or use “never-expiring” “no-cost” ZorroSign digital certificate.

ZorroSign’s complete DTM Platform is Empowered by Following Components


    Electronic Signature

    ZorroSign 4n6 Reader

    Automation Engine