Going paperless and digital has been an ongoing trend around the world, and India is taking multiple stepsin the right direction. While a majority of government processes still involve paper-based transactions, there are a number of government initiatives that are spearheading the paperless future. ZorroSign supports paperless initiatives and brings you a summary of recent paperless accomplishments in India.


CHARUSAT students move from Paper to Digital examination model


CHARUSAT – Charotar University of Science and Technology in Gujarat has introduced a paperless digital examination system as a part of the university examinations reform programme.2,400 students from the university appeared for an exam using e-tablets provided in the testing center this past November. The tablets had inbuilt biometric and iris recognition to verify the identity of each student. Since the examination is user based, students in the same hall can take different subjects for the examination.



Rajasthan high court to go paperless in a year



Rajasthan’s High Court has announced that it will go primarily paperless within a year. All filings to the court are made into e-filings and all orders will be e-orders, eliminating the need for advocates to carry files. Rajastan High Court is leading the country in terms of e-initiatives, according to the E-Committee of Supreme Court of India. With the new eCourt system, the court’s website was updated and is getting  over 40,000 visitors daily, and 23 Lakh cases can be searched and accessed.


Government departments in Mohali, Chandigarh to go completely paperless in January 2020



Under instructions of the Chandigarh state government to target paperless offices, Mohali district in Chandigarh has taken the lead and is rolling out a completely paperless administration on January 1, 2020. Under the e-office system, the department heads have been asked to designate a nodal officer to implement the paperless system.


Indian Parliament to go paperless, app for MPs



Indian Parliament’s Lok Sabha speaker has announced that the Lok Sabha will go completely paperless after the next session. With the use of NeVA (National eVidhan Application), a ₹739 crore project, India’s top legislature is moving onto a digital platform.


Paperless administration of Panchayats in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh



Digitized offices, public grievance cells and scorecards to evaluate the work of Panchayats are some of the proposals identified by the Central government to transform the newly formed Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh into model UTs. As part of the initiative, a mobile app for a one stop solution of all citizen’s grievances will also be launched.


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