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eSignature Solution for Government

Digital Transformation for Government Organizations

eSignature Solution for Government

ZorroSign’s highly secure and fully compliant enterprise-grade solution allows for local, state, and federal governments to serve their constituents with the latest technology in digital transaction management. ZorroSign works with existing documents and forms and seamlessly works with existing technology infrastructure.


  • Process forms and documents quickly and securely.
  • Identify and eliminate errors during processing.
  • Make internal and external processes seamless and efficient.
  • Avoid full or partial paper-based processes.
  • Reduce cost of processing applications, forms, and documents.
  • Track chain of custody of documents.
ZorroSign for government

How Governments use ZorroSign

  • Human Resources processes
  • Benefits administration programs and processes
  • Housing programs and building Permitting management
  • Architecture and engineering document processing
  • Logistics and procurement processes
  • Public health programs administration
  • Across-agency agreements
  • Facilities management forms



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