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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does ZorroSign work?

ZorroSign is an electronic signature and digital transaction management platform complete with document management system (to manage files), forms filling, and document security features. You can use ZorroSign to:

a. Quickly sign and send a document that somebody requested from you.
b. Send documents out requesting signatures from one or more people.
c. Bulk send a document to a large group of people requesting signatures.
d. Create templates and approval workflows.

Simply send out documents requesting signatures. Recipients will receive a secure email with a link to the document. Users can click on the link, sign the document and complete the task all within a minute.


2. I only want to sign documents sent to me via ZorroSign, do I need a paid ZorroSign subscription account?

No. If you always only sign documents sent to you by other people via ZorroSign, you do not need to purchase a paid subscription of ZorroSign. Paid ZorroSign subscription is only required to send documents out requesting signatures.


3. When I sign documents I am required to put my seal (stamp). Does ZorroSign support company or personal Seal or stamp?

Yes! ZorroSign supports corporate or person seal or stamp. You need to upload the image of your seal into your profile before you can use it. Once uploaded you can use your seal with a click of a button wherever the seal is being asked for by the requestor.


4. Are there ZorroSign training materials available?

ZorroSign has complete video tutorial library on Youtube. The library contains Introduction, Kickstart, Workflow 2.0 and Admin playlists.


5. What are the various subscription plans for ZorroSign?

ZorroSign has four levels of services.

Individual: First three document sets per month are free. No credit card is required.

Professional: Single user license ideal for small businesses and professionals and comes with 240 document sets per year.

Business: Business subscription is ideal for those companies that have one or more people responsible for sending out documents requesting signatures. Each user gets unlimited document sets per year.

Enterprise: Organizations that require high document set volume and have large number of users who are responsible for sending out documents requesting signatures opt for Enterprise subscription plan.


6. How much does ZorroSign service cost?

For pricing for all our subscription plans for the Indian market, please contact local ZorroSign sales representative or one of our business partners in India.


7. What happens when we exhaust our document count?

Your organization’s assigned ZorroSign application Admin can purchase additional document set packs for the entire organization.

a. Simply log in, click on the shopping cart, select the document set pack size, enter your credit card information and confirm the purchase.

b. Alternatively, contact your local sales representative for alternative payment methods. A license key will be issued upon approval and confirmation of payment.


8. Before we adopted ZorroSign we have tons of legacy (historic) documents. How can we secure those documents using ZorroSign?

ZorroSign offers a mass document processing (Scanning, organizing, tokenization) service through its local business partners. Please contact your local area sales representative or our regional partner for more details, pricing, and project management for such service.


9. I have my documents and forms stored on a Cloud drive, can I upload documents into ZorroSign from my Cloud drive?

ZorroSign users can upload documents from any popular Cloud storage service such as, DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive to mention a few. These drives are typically mapped to a folder on your local computer folder or they can be accessed via Web.


10. Can we integrate Zorrosign with our existing CRM and/or ERPs for Invoicing and Purchase Orders?

ZorroSign has published a full public REST API which can be used to integrate ZorroSign into your choice of ERP, CRM and any other business applications. Checkout for any pre-built integrations that are currently available to our customers. Most popular one being AppExchange App for ZorroSign.


11. How much storage do we get with our accounts?

ZorroSign currently offers unlimited storage to all its customers.

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