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ZorroSign For Marketing Departments
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ZorroSign eSignature Solutions for Marketing Departments


Marketing departments frequently sign advertising contracts, insertion orders, event registrations, trade show contracts and more. These documents are usually sent to the marketing department as an email attachment. One must print-sign-scan-send those contracts. Once documents are signed they must be organized and stored which makes searching for them in the future very inefficient and cumbersome.


Use ZorroSign QuickSign feature to quickly execute all these contracts and agreements, track them in an intuitive dashboard, and store and organize them in a document management system, all in one place. Ever send a document out requesting signature from others? Use eSign feature and templates to quickly send those contracts out for signature and track them in your dashboard.

How Marketing Departments use ZorroSign

  • Invoice approvals and processing
  • Sign insertion orders
  • Customer communication approvals
  • Marketing and photo release forms
  • Employee social media policy distribution
  • Document retention policy
  • Event registration
  • Press release approval

ZorroSign Features for Marketing Departments

  • Company Branding and compliance with brand guidelines.
  • Quick eSign, sign and send documents quickly.
  • Bulk Send documents to a large number of people.
  • Create and execute templates.
  • Sign on mobile devices and use mobile biometrics to sign.
  • Workflow view to show graphical representation of a document workflow.
  • Manage everything from a single dashboard.
  • Control document edits and signatures.
  • Manage permissions (who can view document audit trail).
  • Track when documents are completed, rejected, expired or cancelled.
  • Assign due dates and expiry dates for documents and templates.
  • Document archiving (document retention policy).

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