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ZorroSign For Accounting & Tax Departments
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ZorroSign eSignature Solutions for Accounting & Tax Departments


Securely streamlining and managing critical business processes is an accounting & tax departments biggest challenge. ZorroSign can help accounting departments increase regulatory compliance, reduce human errors all while maintaining a verifiable real-time record of the current status of each document or process. Use ZorroSign to automate your accounting and tax processes where signatures are required.

How Accounting & Tax Departments use ZorroSign

  • Invoice processing
  • Purchase agreements (assets, products, and services)
  • Expense reporting
  • Regulatory compliance/audit sign off
  • Tax documents
  • General policy management and compliance
  • Comply with your document retention policy
  • PO approvals

ZorroSign Features for Accounting & Tax Departments

  • Track document status from start to end (rejected/expired/cancelled).
  • Assign due dates and expiry dates for documents and templates.
  • Tamper seal a document using Blockchain Token.
  • Track document chain of custody and audit trail with time zone support.
  • Complex Workflow supports
  • Bulk Send for client communications
  • Sign document as having power of attorney, as a trustee, and on behalf of.
  • Upload multiple documents and attachments at once.
  • Document archiving (document retention policy).
  • Create and execute templates
  • Sign on mobile devices and use mobile biometrics to sign.
  • Automate approval workflows

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